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“MJ PA hire have been my go to company for sound and lighting for nearly ten years. They are constantly updating their equipment with great new technologies and with the expertise to know how to use it properly. Martin and the team are one of the few companies I know I can rely on.”

Guitar George
Professional musician based in the French Riviera and working around the world

“We have been performing for over 20 years now using our own PA equipment, and having always managed to gain repeat business it’s easy to bury your head in the sand & believe the quote if it’s not broke don’t fix it… However, there is always room for improvement!!

As busy working musicians playing similar material night after nigh, it is easy to become complacent but having come across Martin’s services and recognising the industry has changed in many ways, I would highly recommend you give MJ PA Hire a try too; If you want to provide the best sound possible to your paying clients let MJ PA Hire tailor your sound.

Martin is very knowledgeable, down to earth and has played in bands himself, so he can see things from both sides, using the latest equipment to deal with noise limiters, which many venues have installed nowadays, you will play better knowing that all you have to do is hit the right notes whilst MJ PA Hire amplifies it to perfection”

Kevin Brown
Agent Orange

“Martin is a joy to work with, his sound engineering skills are amazing. I work with him almost every week and never have had any problems whatsoever. He is helpful, friendly and just all round great to work with. Ive been very fortunate to work a lot around the world in my career to date and he is definitely the best I’ve worked with”

Billy Roberts
Professional singer currently touring with Frankie’s Guys and Our House UK Tour

We have been lucky enough to use MJ PA Hire on many occasions. The ability for a band to be able to do what they do with out having to worry about how they sound out front – is a wonderful experience. MJ PA Hire has always had the right setup for any venue we have played. MJ PA Hire knows their equipment and the know how to make it sound great. Thanks to Martin and the rest of MJPA Hire!

The Foolish

“I have been working with MJ PA closely over the last year, they have delivered our full production support for A/V and lighting for both small weddings and events to large scale theatre performances for my show Frankie’s Guys.

MJ PA have been hugely consistent, reliable and approachable and always go above and beyond to ensure that the job is done right. Martin and his team are great at what they do and have been an asset to what we do, we look forward to a long lasting relationship over the coming years”

David Griego

“Martin and I have done hundreds of gigs together in the last 20 years and he always does a fantastic job. Gigs always sound great when MJ PA Hire are there”

Simon Dring
Professional drummer

“Having a great sound on stage as well as out front is always tough, as a drummer I always breathe a sigh of relief when I see Martin Shearing and MJ PA Hire team on my booking sheet.

They know what to do and how to do it, and always listen and execute any adjustments I may require during sound check and if necessary whilst playing.

If you can hear yourself and your band mates on stage, knowing the sound for the audience is superb, that’s when a performance really come together, and the musical experience is one that everybody can appreciate, enjoy but most importantly remember.
Martin and his team never fail to get the best sound, and that sound inspires me to give my best as a musician.”

Tom Toggle
Drummer – Piano Factor, Super Action Heroes, and many more

“If you want a first class sound, both out front and on stage, with amazingly competitive rates, then look no further than Martin Shearing and his team at MJ PA Hire. I have worked with Martin on and off with different bands for over 25 years, and have never been disappointed. Not only do you get an Awesome Sound and a Fantastic Service, you will also get Valuable Advice. Oh, and you will also have a good laugh thrown in to the Mix.

So, if you want clarity, loud or not so loud, this engineer and his systems are for you. Whether you are playing a small pub or a Festival, Martin will have a system and a realistic budget for you. They will never take short cuts and neither should any artiste when it comes to sound. Top Equipment, Top Sounds, and Top People. Fantastic Sound Quality means many more happy audience members and venue bookers.

Martin Shearing and MJ PA Hire. My first choice every time.”

Kevin Hunt
The Uninvited

“In the 15 years our band has been together, Martin is by far the best sound engineer we’ve ever used. Professional, efficient, always on time and extremely knowledgeable. Remember, good sound quality can make or break a band so if you’re looking to invest, look no further – you’ve found your man!”

Ignite Band

“Martin really knows how to mix live music performed by solo artists right up to large bands. His knowledge of mixing comes from much experience and training, plus the fact that he is an established musician with a conscientious attitude to customer satisfaction. Martin is very good at what he does and a really nice guy to boot!”

Harry Collins
Established multitalented musician ex-member of Hollow Earth – Prog rock covers band and currently with Mule a 3 piece Rock covers band

“Martin is a very fine Sound Engineer. He is extremely capable of producing a great mix, both at Front-of-House and in Monitors/IEMs. He approaches his task, not just from a technical perspective, but also on a personable level, always making sure everyone involved is happy with the mix. He never falters and is quick to resolve problems with confidence and expertise. I always feel I’m in safe hands when he is on sound and I trust him entirely to produce the best possible mix in any venue under any circumstances. 100% recommended to anyone looking for a trustworthy Sound Engineer.”

Ed Osborne
Professional piano teacher and keyboard player

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